Projector displays

Projector displays

Miniaturised synthetic green lasers are readily produced using MgO:PPLN via intra-cavity harmonic generation. Providing a high wall-plug efficiency and stable operation to within a few percent, these lasers are key components in the growing laser projector market. Utilising MgO:PPLN, portable (pico) projectors are able to offer a brightness in excess of 50 Lumens under battery operation that can last for over 2 hours.

Our proprietary poling technique enables the engineering of deep and uniform domains throughout the entire crystal. Output powers ranging from 50mW to 3W are easily achieved, with wall-plug efficiencies up to 25%. MgO:PPLN is utilised in many different products such as: pico / micro projectors, head-up-displays, laser TV and cinema. Our production process is able to realise very high yields resulting in low (market-enabling) prices for high-volume OEM supply.

Projector Displays

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