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Temperature controller

PPLN Ovens

Our range of PPLN ovens are optimised for use with our OC2 temperature controller units. This combination provides long term stability to maintain optimised conversion efficiency from our MgO:PPLN crystals.

The OC2 automatic oven detection system allows users to quickly change between ovens without complicated PID calibration. The OC2 offers direct control from a PC via a software application or through LabVIEW drivers enabling MgO:PPLN crystals to be fully integrated into an optical system for automated control.

  • Simple push button interface
  • Stand alone benchtop operation or via PC interface
  • Operating temperatures from ~30 to 200°C
  • Set Point stability ±0.01°C
  • Set Point resolution ±0.01°C
  • PID Control; offers maximum stability
  • Auto Detect feature for all Covesion ovens
  • Maximum set point of 250°C available on request

PC control:

  • Standard USB type B connector
  • Covesion OC2 software application
  • Data saved to .csv format
  • Features slow ramping via the Cycle Mode for finding SHG phase matching peak.
  • LabVIEW drivers


  • PC control upgrade kit available for OC1 units, consisting of:
  • USB cable
  • OC2 software package
Part # Temperature stability (±°C)Set point resolution (°C)Min set point (°C)Max set point (°C) Add to Quote
OC2 0.01 0.01 ~5°C above ambient 200
OC1-USB (cable only) - - - -

OC2 Temperature Controller Stability Data

All of our crystals are supplied clip-mounted, ready for use in our ovens and controller.

All stock items are delivered within one week. For out of stock items, please contact us for expected lead times.

If you cannot find a stock item that matches your requirements, you can use our online calculator or submit an enquiry.

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