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MOPO Crystals

Our MOPO1, MOPO2, and MOPO3 are designed for 1064nm pump, signal and idler wavelengths from 1345nm to 5145nm.

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MSHG1550 Crystals

Our MSHG1550 range is designed for SHG of NIR light from a laser source around 1530-1620nm wavelength. Suitable for high power CW to femtosecond sources.

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PV Oven Series

Our PPLN ovens are specially designed to provide secure mounting and robust thermal stability for our PPLN crystals.

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Covesion for OEMs

We offer volume manufacture of crystals for OEM systems. Our team will support you throughout the prototype development phase, to engineer a crystal tailored to your application.

Find out why Covesion is the right solution for your product.

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Covesion for Collaboration

Born from our proprietary PPLN technology, Covesion continues to strengthen and expand its engineering capabilities. Our R&D team work in global collaboration with academic and industrial partners to develop the knowledge and technology of new application areas.

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Covesion for Research

Our dedicated sales engineers provide advice and support to customers from academic institutions across the globe helping them find the right crystal for their system. Our crystals, ovens and accessories are designed for the research lab, to be robust in their daily usage, and to be flexibly integrated into any system.

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1st North American Conference on Trapped Ions (NACTI)

8 August 2017

Meet Covesion at the NACTI conference, 14th - 18th August, 2017, Boulder Colorado

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Covesion Website Launch

16 May 2017

Welcome to the new Covesion website with some new features including 20 new products, our blog with articles on MgO:PPLN systems, and a more comprehensive publications listing.

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Covesion SFG crystals for laser cooling and trapping

19 April 2017

Covesion's range of MSFG crystals are most commonly used in quantum optics systems where narrow linewidth lasers are needed to access specific atomic transitions in order to manipulate and cool atoms and ions. Cooling lasers with Watt level powers are readily achievable by using high power fibre pump lasers for sum frequency generation in MgO:PPLN.

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