Mid-IR applications

Mid-IR applications

With a spectral transmission band extending to 5um, and an effective non-linear coefficient in excess of 14pm/V, new applications for MgO:PPLN are growing rapidly. Configuring MgO:PPLN as an OPO can enable idler powers in excess of several Watts, ideally suited for: laser countermeasures, LIDAR, remote spectroscopy and environmental monitoring.

The combination of uniform vertical domains and a crystal aperture of 3 x 1mm increases resistance to damage ensuring reliable operation under the most extreme conditions. With damage thresholds exceeding 250MW/cm2, and a large range of poled periods as standard, these crystals are now commonly utilised in 1064nm pumped countermeasure systems all over the world.

Laser countermeasuresLIDAR: Sea Depth Surveying

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