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About Us:

Covesion started trading in 2009 as a spin-out company from Stratophase Ltd. and the University of Southampton

Our team of poling experts have over 20 years experience in the manufacture of PPLN for off-the-shelf, R&D, and OEM customers. This is combined with extensive knowledge in the design and build of PPLN-based laser systems for Red-Green-Blue and mid-IR applications.

We provide MgO:PPLN crystals for a wide range of SHG, OPO, DFG and SFG interactions, combined with the technical knowledge and support of our experienced sales team. Whether you are buying off-the-shelf or a customised design, we offer advice on crystal length to optical mounting, aiming to deliver the ideal MgO:PPLN system for your application.

Covesion Management Team

Christian Rahlff, COO

Dr Christian Rahlff is the operational manager of Covesion, leading the company's sales and mid-IR system development activities. He is a co-founder of Covesion and has over 20 years experience in industrial laser and optics development. Christian holds a PhD in optoelectronics from St Andrews University and previously managed the wavelength conversion division of Stratophase.

Corin Gawith, CTO

Dr Corin Gawith leads the PPLN development team at Covesion. He has over 20 years experience in the design and manufacture of periodically-poled materials based on his previous role as Head of R&D in the wavelength conversion division of Stratophase and a PhD in direct-bonded PPLN waveguides from the University of Southampton. Corin is a co-founder of both Covesion and Stratophase and also holds a position as Principal Research Fellow at the University of Southampton.

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