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Customers and Partners

We work with universities, research institutes and companies worldwide on a variety of applications from laser displays to quantum communications, and atmospheric gas detection to precision sensing in space.

Our R&D team are continually working on research projects with our collaborators. Among these are:

University of Southampton
Gooch & Housego
Clyde Space
M Squared

Our dedicated sales engineers provide advice and support to customers from academic institutions across the globe helping them find the right crystal for their system. Our customers and their publications include:

ETH Zurich
Max Planck Gesellschaft
National Institute of Standards and Technology

ETH Zurich:
"All-solid-state continuous-wave laser systems for ionization, cooling and quantum state manipulation of beryllium ions"
Lo et al. Applied Physics B, Volume 114, Issue 1, pp 17–25 (2014)

"A 750-mW,continuous-wave, solid-state laser source at 313 nm for cooling andmanipulating trapped 9Be+ ion"
Wilson et al. Applied Physics B, Vol. 105, Issue 4, pp. 741-748 (2011)

Max Planck Institute:
"Cryogenic linear Paul trap for cold highly charged ion experiments"
Schwarz et al. Review Of Scientific Instruments 83, 083115 (2012)

Stanford University:
"Generation of 43 W of quasi-continuous 780 nm laser light via high-efficiency, single-pass frequency doubling in periodically poled lithium niobate crystals"
Chiow et al. Optics Letters, Vol. 37, Issue 18, pp. 3861-3863 (2012)

Technical University of Denmark:
"Ultra-broadband mid-wave-IR upconversion detection"
Barh et al. Optics Letters Vol. 42, Issue 8, pp. 1504-1507 (2017)

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