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Investors & Shareholders

East Hill Management Company [website]
East Hill was founded in 2000 as an investment advisory company to manage alternative assets for high net-worth families, endowments, trusts and institutions. Its venture capital investments are primarily in early stage companies founded by world-class scientists in the life and physical sciences. In particular, they have clearly-focused products which address significant market opportunities and use proprietary intellectual property. Landon Clay is a Managing Member of the company, and regularly attends Covesion board meetings.

Stratophase Ltd. [website]
Stratophase started trading in 2003 following its spin out from the University of Southampton in the UK. The company was originally founded based on patented IP and manufacturing techniques in two technology areas; integrated optical circuits for biochemical detection and PPLN crystals for wavelength conversion. In 2009 this PPLN activity was combined with new IP from the University of Southampton to establish Covesion as an independent company. Stratophase continue to develop biochemical detectors for the pharmaceutical industry and are VC-funded by investors including; the Boston-based East Hill Management Company, Alex Cable who is President of Thorlabs Inc., the IP Group, and the Sulis Seedcorn Fund.

University of Southampton [website]
The University of Southampton is continually developing its intellectual property portfolio through its Centre for Enterprise and Innovation. It has had multi-million pound successes with its spin-out companies, with 13 spin-outs since 2000 and over 50 since 1969. They originate from a broad range of fields and include oil and gas exploration, pharmaceuticals, nanotechnology and optoelectronics.

Covesion Board of Directors

Bill Campbell - Chairman
Based around 25 years of industrial leadership, Bill has significant experience in guiding high-technology companies through to commercial success. Prior to joining Covesion, Bill was the CEO at Splashpower Ltd (wireless power technology) and Microemissive Displays Ltd (P-OLED displays) resulting in a successful public listing on AIM in 2004.

Peter Smith - Non-Executive Director
Peter Smith is a world-renowned Professor of Optoelectronics at the ORC at Southampton University. He is a founder of both Stratophase and Covesion and continues to run a research group in the company's specialist area which provides new technology and trained staff.

Landon Clay - Non-Executive Director
Landon Clay is a Managing Member of East Hill Advisors, Chairman of the Clay Mathematics Institute, and Chairman of the Caribbean Conservation Corporation. Prior to founding East Hill, he was CEO and Chairman of Eaton Vance. Landon serves on various other boards including the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. He received an AB cum laude, from Harvard College.

Brian James - Non-Executive Director
Brian James is Vice President of East Hill. He served previously as executive VP at ADE Corporation, recognised as one of America's top small cap companies prior to its sale. His earlier experience, both financial and operational, was in venture backed companies and with Ford, Allied-Signal and Textron. He has a degree from the University of Vermont and an MS degree in finance from the University of Massachusetts.

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