Areas of expertise

I am involved with anything and everything to do with the manufacture of the PPLN crystals, waveguides, and accessories. It really involves a broad range of things from assembling the ovens and temperature controllers to soldering and polishing the crystals. Anything on the production side that keeps me busy. I am also in charge of shipping the products, making sure that orders from stock are delivered on time to our customers all over the world.

Work experience

Before I came to Covesion I worked at RACAL on the production line. RACAL are manufacturers of electronic recording equipment for prisons and so forth which are distributed and used globally.

I was responsible for 25 people working on the manufacturing side at RACAL so I would help and supervise a range of production roles including soldering, wiring, making prototypes, etc. Although the products I was making there were different, I had a lot of cross transferrable skills that I use now here at Covesion.

After leaving RACAL, I joined Stratophase where I worked for four years before moving to Covesion in 2018.

Favourite part of my job

If I had to choose it would be making the cable forms and the soldering. I like the variety in my role. As we are a relatively small team, it’s good to be able to help out wherever I’m needed.

Background and hobbies

I have always lived in Hampshire and was born in Titchfield, so I haven’t moved very far! I have got quite a horsey background. I used to do endurance riding and now I am into racehorses so everything stops on a Saturday so I can watch my horse (or the tail hair I own!). I am also a qualified saddler; all of which keeps me busy enough outside of work!

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