Areas of expertise

I am involved with the day-to-day production of Covesion’s crystals, with my main focus being on the cleaning and mounting of the crystals. I am also responsible for quality control; making sure that each crystal is perfect.

The manufacture of the crystals is complex and requires a high degree of precision to ensure that every crystal, that comes off the production line, is fit for purpose.

Work experience

I have a strong background in Quality Control. Before I came to Covesion, I worked for 27 years in the QC department at Strick Systeme S.R.L, a German electronics company with a manufacturing site in Romania. Its fair to say that I don’t like to move around too much!

The products are different at Covesion obviously, but quality control in any company depends on rigorous checks for every product and component. You need to have the right aptitude to be able to do this continually; the right type of personality to be able to ensure this is done correctly each and every time. I don’t like finding products that don’t pass but there is a certain amount of satisfaction that comes from knowing the QC process is working as it should.

Favourite part of my job

I enjoy the more challenging aspects of my job such as the mounting of the crystals and the variety I find in my role. It is great working for a company that is expanding and growing but that is still small enough that you feel like you are part of a team.

Because we are a small team, it is all the more important that we have the expertise to be able to work in as many different areas as possible across the company as and when needed.

Background and hobbies

I was born and brought up in Romania where I worked for almost 30 years before moving to the U.K. 4 years ago.

My daughter is currently at University, studying to become an architect. In my spare time, I enjoy helping her, we draw and paint together which is fun and relaxing. I think it helps with the interior design element of her course – being able to bounce ideas off each other – but I just do it for the enjoyment!

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