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Covesion crystals are available off the shelf for a wide array of nonlinear interactions. Our standard crystal layout has the following features:

PPLN Layout

Each MgO:PPLN crystal includes multiple gratings for flexible temperature and wavelength operation. Our crystals are AR coated and polished to: <λ/4 flatness, parallel to ±5 minutes, with better than 20-10 scratch-dig and fewer than two 100μm edge chips per facet. All of our Magnesium-doped PPLN products undergo rigorous quality inspection, are supplied clip-mounted off-the shelf and are fully compatible with our range of PPLN accessories.

PPLN crystals mixed

Magnesium-doped Periodicaly Poled Lithium Niobate (MgO:PPLN) offers high efficiency wavelength conversion for visible and mid-infrared applications. Adding 5% Magnesium-Oxide to Lithium Niobate significantly increases the optical and photorefractive resistance of the crystal while preserving its high nonlinear coefficient. This allows more stable operation at visible wavelengths and lower temperature operation than a similar undoped crystal. From visible generation to high power Mid-IR operation, our proprietary MgO:PPLN poling process offers high quality material even at shorter periods.

MgO:PPLN domains

Our proprietary Magnesium-doped PPLN poling process creates high fidelity periods from 4.5μm to 33μm+ and is ideal for volume manufacture. As shown above, our MgO:PPLN domains are poled through the entire thickness of the sample, providing maximum optical aperture.

Stock crystals are available for the following nonlinear parametric processes:

SHG Crystals OPO Crystals DFG Crystals SFG Crystals

Custom crystal lengths, thicknesses, AR coatings, and grating designs are also available on request.
Visit our Custom PPLN page for more details.

Delivery Information

All stock items are delivered within one week. For out of stock items, please contact us for expected lead times.

If you cannot find a stock item that matches your requirements, you can use our online calculator or submit an enquiry.

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