SHG Crystals


Our Standard Crystals:

Second harmonic generaton (SHG) crystals are available in a variety of wavelengths. Please select a pump wavelength below for more information and to request a quote:

Our SHG crystals are designed to frequency double a wide range of common laser wavelengths. Each crystal type is available in a variety of lengths from 0.3mm, for ultrashort pulses, up to 40mm, for continuous wave (cw) pump sources.

Key Features:

  • MgO-doped PPLN (5% MgO)
  • AR coated to <1%R @ pump, <1%R @ SHG wavelengths
  • Multiple gratings; temperature / wavelength flexibility
  • Crystals supplied mounted in 1mm, 10mm, 20mm or 40mm clips

All of our crystals are supplied clip-mounted, ready for use in our ovens and controller.

All stock items are delivered within one week. For out of stock items, please contact us for expected lead times.

If you cannot find a stock item that matches your requirements, you can use our online calculator or submit an enquiry.

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