PPLN oven mount adapters

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PPLN oven mount adapters

For easy integration into your optical arrangement, Covesion provides a flexible range of oven mounting adapters for post mounting solutions or flexure stage solutions, as well as a small compact mount for oven-free arrangements.

Post Mount Solutions

Post mounted PV10

PPLN post mounting example PV10 and PVP1.
These adapters are designed to fit PV ovens on to standard M4 posts.

View our range of post mounting adapters here

Flexure Stage Solutions

Mounted PV20

PPLN flexure mounting example using PV20, PVP2R and RP12.5. These adapters are designed to fit PV ovens on to 3-axis flexure mounts.

View our range of flexure mounting adapters here

Oven-free Solutions

Oven-free mounting of PC10 with PCMO01.
These adapters are designed to mount PC10 clips to standard M3 or M4 posts.

View our oven-free mount here

All of our crystals are supplied clip-mounted, ready for use in our ovens and controller.

All stock items are delivered within one week. For out of stock items, please contact us for expected lead times.

If you cannot find a stock item that matches your requirements, you can use our online calculator or submit an enquiry.

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