Post mounting solutions

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Post mounting solutions

Post mounting solutions

Post mounting solutions

Covesion's post mount adapters are designed to be compatible with standard optics posts, which are widely available at optomechanics suppliers. These popular post assemblies provide a robust solution for PPLN crystal mounting.


  • PVP1 or PVP2 adapter plate screws securely onto the PV oven
  • M4 threaded hole allows mounting to standard post assemblies
  • Post assemblies
    • Allows simple and robust alignment with a small footprint and will suit almost any optical height.
    • Secure mounting of PV oven with post mount adapters PVP1 and PVP2
    • Ø1/2” or Ø1” post assemblies – widely available at Thorlabs, Newport, CVI Melles Griot, etc.
  • Post assemblies and rail systems
    • Post mounted optics can be easily incorporated into more complex arrangements such as rail systems.
    • Secure mounting of PV oven with post mount adapters PVP1 and PVP2
    • Post and post holder provide coarse vertical adjustment
    • Dovetail rail provides coarse adjustment along optical path
    • Dovetail single-axis translation stage provides fine adjustment through gratings

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Part # DescriptionOptical height Add to Quote
PVP1 PV10 post mount adapter 25mm
PVP2 PV20 and PV40 post mount adapter 25mm

All of our crystals are supplied clip-mounted, ready for use in our ovens and controller.

All stock items are delivered within one week. For out of stock items, please contact us for expected lead times.

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